SQMA - Swedish Quality Management Academy

Swedish higher education institutions have a world-leading position in quality research, but the research is scattered across different institutions and not easy to grasp. Therefore, the Swedish Quality Management Academy was started on the initiative of SIQ in 2012.

SQMA brings together all of Sweden's higher education institutions that conduct research on quality development. SQMA is therefore an important collaboration platform for professors and associate professors in the field of quality research to find ways to renew education, collaborate on various research projects and exchange experiences.  

SQMA logotype

The SQMA consists of:
- Chalmers University of Technology
- University West (new!)
- Jönköping University (new!)
- Karlstad University
- Royal Institute of Technology
- Linköping University
- Luleå University of Technology
- Lund University (new!)
- Mid Sweden University
- Mälardalen University
- Uppsala University
- SIQ - Institute for Quality Development

Below you will find contact details for the different institutions. If you would like more information about SQMA, please contact Anders Fundin, research manager at SIQ.

Anders Fundin

Research leader

Contact details for universities