Services as a member

As a member of SIQ , your organization gets access to a range of research-proven services that provide new knowledge and energy towards a more successful business. The content of the membership and service fee is linked to the number of employees in the organization.

Networking meetings, seminars and workshops

You are offered continuous competence development through meetings with other SIQ members. Through these meetings, you will gain insight into what is successful in other organizations and what their internal working methods may look like. SIQ's members range from one-man companies to organizations with many thousands of employees. Many find that the exchange with other organizations is one of the greatest member values.

Member seminar

We invite you to our popular digital seminars. Register yourself and your colleagues!

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SIQ Academy

SIQ The Academy offers open courses, customized training and on-site advice to improve quality and leadership in Sweden. As a member, you get a 25% discount on all services.

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SIQ Examiner training

Membership includes 1-4 places or a discount on the training. Becoming an examiner is a way to develop yourself and your organization by learning from others. As an examiner, you have the opportunity to receive both practical and theoretical qualified management training over an extended period of time.

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SIQ Contrast

SIQ Contrast gives the organization a picture of its overall ability and conditions to lead towards sustainable success. Through insights and feedback from the measurement, the consensus on the current state of the business increases, which strengthens both agility and ability to change.

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SIQ Successful insight

A simple but effective way for a business to reflect on the success factors that characterize successful organizations. Where does the organization stand today and what do we need to focus on to reach our goals? Rigged independently with any group within the organization. 

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SIQ Quality Culture Index

A strong quality culture means that leaders and employees have a good ability to act and make informed decisions in everyday situations. By measuring the behaviours that occur most often and the behaviours we prefer, we as an organization can take steps in the right direction and develop the quality culture. The measurement also provides leaders and employees with a common language on how values relate to our behaviors.

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SIQ Management Index

Management Index indicates the current state of the business in relation to factors that characterize successful businesses. It is about the leaders' perspective on the current state and potential of the business. With the subsequent reflection in the workshop, the management team can focus the improvement work together and on a fact-based basis. The aim is to improve the organization's performance by developing working methods in priority areas.

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Sustainability index with the Swedish Quality Index

The Sustainability Index draws on the latest research to provide insights into how customers perceive your sustainability performance. It captures the sustainability dimensions of economic, environmental and social sustainability and what can be strengthened in the business to meet customer requirements. As a SIQ member, your organization gets to try the SKI sustainability index at a very favorable price.

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Research project

The Excellence Center is a research collaboration between member organizations that want to develop new knowledge in a specific area where no one has ready-made answers. The work is conducted in close collaboration with SQMA, the Swedish Quality Management Academy, a unique research platform consisting of SIQ and eight universities.

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Being a member of SIQ provides both an external and a learning perspective. Learning how successful organizations develop and exchanging experiences across industries enriches your organization and your employees!

Ann-Charlotte Järnström, Director of Finance, VG Region