Board of Members

Formally, SIQ's members are part of the "Intressentföreningen Kvalitetsutveckling", which together with the Swedish government is the principal of SIQ. The Intressentföreningen consists of members from both the private and public sectors. Here we present the board of the association.

Board of the Stakeholders' Association

The Member Board represents all of Intressentförening's member organizations as principal and contracting party to the other principal, the Swedish state. The Member Board initiates ideas for SIQ's operational focus and monitors the members' interests.

The board is elected at the annual meeting.

Lena Båvegård

Chairman of the Member Board, Sr VP Global Functions
Mycronic AB

Peter Alvarsson

Head of Operational Excellence EMEA Supply region
Astra Zeneca

Jörgen Brokås

Quality developer
Bostads AB Mimer

Sofia Kleve

VP Quality and Environment
AB Volvo

Jane Ydman

Regional Director
Region Jönköping County

John Öster

Functional Safety
Volvo Cars

Vesna Jovic

Director of the municipality
Järfälla Municipality