Improvement tools

Several of our research projects have resulted in easily accessible tools that can help you in your improvement efforts. Even if you have decided to work systematically with your quality work, it can be difficult to know where to start and what would be most effective . SIQ's improvement tools are there to help.

SIQ Improvement tools - how they belong together.

SIQ Contrast

SIQ Contrast is the measurement that gives the organization a picture of its overall ability and conditions to lead towards sustainable success. Through insights and feedback from the measurement, the consensus on the current state of the business increases, which strengthens agility and the ability to change in the future.

SIQ Quality Culture Index

A strong quality culture means that leaders and employees have a good ability to act and make informed decisions in everyday situations. By measuring the most common behaviours and your preferred behaviours, you as an organization can take steps in the right direction and develop your quality culture. SIQ The Quality Culture Index also provides leaders and employees with a common language on how values relate to our behaviors.

SIQ Successful insight

SIQ Success Insight is a simple tool for reflection and discussion on quality development from a holistic perspective. Here, all employees mark the organization's position in the five success areas, which you then rank and develop together. Where does the organization stand today and what do you need to focus on to reach the goals?

SIQ Management Index

SIQ Management Index measures leaders' perspectives on the current state and potential of the business in relation to factors that characterize successful businesses. In a subsequent workshop, the management team is given the opportunity to reflect and jointly focus the work based on the facts. The aim of the measurement is to improve the organization's performance by developing working methods in priority areas.

In just a few minutes, you can test the potential costs of quality deficiencies in your business. On you will quickly get an idea of the potential for improvement!