A partnership for successful organizations

Companies and organizations with quality as a strategy have more satisfied employees, more satisfied customers and show a more sustainable business both economically, socially and ecologically. SIQ members collaborate and learn from each other, which pays off in the long run.

Membership strengthens the organization

Today, about a hundred businesses are members of SIQ. From large industrial and service companies to authorities, municipalities, regions and actors in the welfare sector, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. The common factor is that everyone wants to constantly improve.

Get better at tackling your management challenges

The pace of change in society is increasingly affecting us and will have an impact on the skills and competences that need to be developed within companies and organizations. Adapting to rapid changes in the world around us and increasing the engagement of all employees are just a few examples of common management challenges across sectors. 

However, we do not have to find all the answers and solutions on our own. Instead, it is best done through collaboration, and our membership is broad. From large industrial and service companies to authorities, municipalities, regions and actors in the welfare sector, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. 

With several different member groups represented, there is currently in-depth collaboration on specific challenges for groups such as industrial companies, energy companies, public transport, municipalities, regions and other service activities. 

A membership for skills development

A large number of networking events, seminars and workshops are held annually, offering continuous skills development for both managers and staff. They are always free of charge and exclusive to members. These events provide insights into success factors and the internal workings of different organizations that are not offered in other ways.

Services for members

Members can use SIQ's services to strengthen their organization's capabilities on several success factors.

  • Management Index is about leading for sustainability from a holistic perspective.
  • The Quality Culture Index involves both managers and employees in the development of the workplace.
  • The customer index is there to create value with customers.
  • With the help of Success Insight, a member organization will soon be able to make self-assessments and work with their results completely digitally.
  • Introduction to SIQ Management model can be carried out with the management team.
  • For advanced training in this area, members have guaranteed places on SIQ Examiner training.

In addition, we can contribute to more specific exchanges between member organizations in the network. A dedicated SIQ contact person is available for support and follow-up.

Services are offered at different levels depending on the number of employees each member has. Check what applies to you under Fees & Membership.


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